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Training & Consulting, Community Development, Safety Software Solution, and General Supplies.

About Company

About Company

As one of the best Quality Training and Consulting Service provider in Indonesia,​ PT. INDOSAFE PRATAMA ASCARYA provides wide range of comprehensive training and consulting programs to develop individual’s competencies and effective working system for our client’s company.

Established Since 2005

Established Since 2005

Since it’s
start, the business has operated throughout almost all of indonesia and overseas which
includes countries such as Vietnam, Brunei and Myanmar. During its operation, we have
expanded the business and have conducted more than 12.000 training sessions and
certified more than 71.000 participants.

International and National Standard Parameters

International and National Standard Parameters

Delivered by experienced and professional instructors with the best optional training methods which certainly comply with your requirements.

With the passage of time and the development of technology, PT. INDOSAFE
PRATAMA ASCARYA expanded its business not only in the training sector but also
engaged in general supplies and safety software solutions.

About Company

With the passage of time and

the development of technology, PT. INDOSAFE PRATAMA ASCARYA expanded its business not only in the training sector but also engaged in general supplies and safety software solutions.


We offer smart saas solutions for better business



  • Occupational Health, Safety Environment and Quality (HSEQ)
  • Defensive Driving Training
  • Human Resources Management Training
  • Community Development
Software Solution

Software Solution

Authorized partner with NISOFT

General Supplies

General Supplies

Authorized partner with OSHA

Services Industries

  • Offshore / Onshore Oil & Gas Mining & Minerals
  • Aviation
  • Maritime & Shipping
  • Construction Warehouse & Storage Manufacture
  • Industrial Hygiene Telecommunication Food & Catering Automotive
  • Water Building Underwater Insurance Hospital
  • Public Services

Offshore Survival Training

  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction And Emergency Training ( BOSIET )
  • Sea Survival And Offshore Emergency Procedures

Aviation and Helicopter Training

  • Helicopter Under Water Escape Training (HUET ) 
  • Helicopter Fire Fighting And Rescue


  • Anti Fall Protection and Prevention System
  • Chainsaw
  • Crane Operator Forklift Operator
  • Machine of Operator Production

Health and Safety Training

  • Basic Life Support
  • Basic First Aid
  • Advanced First Aid
  • Basic Fire Fighting
  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
  • Hazardous Material / Chemical Safe Handling
  • Fire Team Leader
  • Self Contained Space Entry
  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting Technique 
  • Fire Brigade
  • Hazardous Waste Management Handling Disposal
  • Field Safe Work & Permit
  • Modern Safety (Health) Management
  • Safety Awareness
  • Fire Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Accident Investigation
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Oil Spill Prevention & Control
  • Safety & Loss Prevention
  • Management Construction Safety
  • H2S Safety Awareness
  • Confined Space
Human Resource Management Training

Motivational Training

  • Productivity and Loyalty

  • Booster Motivational Session

  • Stress and Mood Management

Communication Training

  • Government Relation

  • Service Excellence

  • Intelligance & Investigation

  • Selling & Marketing

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Generation Gap : Building Interaction Bridge
  • Communication Strategy for Managers
  • Negotiation Skills for Professionals

Organizational Development

  • Leadership Development Program

  • Leadership Matrix & Analysis

  • HR Blueprint Development

  • Change Management Program

  • High Perfomance Team Development Program

HR Development

  • Interviewing Skill Program

  • Talent Mapping & Development

  • KPI : Benchmarking Perfomance

  • Job Analysis Description Technique

Investigation Program

  • Investigate Interview Program

  • Non- verbal Cues

  • Interview & Analysis

  • Lie detection : Investigation Framework

  • Profiling skill Development

Leadership & Management

  • Coaching & Mentoring Skill

  • Situational Leadership

  • Building Collaboration & Teamwork

  • Time Management

  • Development Program

  • Leadership Matrix & Analysis

Personal Mastery Program

  • Mental-health : Stress Management Program

  • Employee Motivational Program

  • Winning Spirit & Attitude

  • Emotional Intelligence Program

Community Development

Active community development programs and sustainable based on principles of social justice, participation and cooperation equality, accountability, and the learning process of suistainability.


Bring your safety processes and documents to life and ensure compliance with each stage of the safety document lifecycle. Intuitive tools and features guide your staff along the path to producing safe and compliant documentation for every job.

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